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As a Groundlings trained comedic actress I have created strategic profiles for each character type for casting.













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Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah has 10 years of experience as a TV and film voice-over artist and singer. She can showcase over 50 accents, sings in 36 languages and is fluent in Spanish.

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  • She is an audio editor and animation editor. She can record, direct, and edit narration, video game, or commercial voice-over work.

English Commercial VO Reel

English Narration Animatino VO Reel

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Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah is the CEO of Set on a Hill. She is an animator, producer, casting director, actress and voice-over coach. Set on a Hill is a media production company for the kids and family industry, specializing in multilingual Animation, TV & Film Production and Music Production. We have created commercials, social media video series, and animated commercials.

She is a filmmaker who has written and produced 4 Television series, 3 Animated Films, and 5 Live Action Films.

As a director for film and TV shows she has coached kids, teens, and adults to showcase their best characters that connect with audiences.

She is the author of 5 children’s books, where 3 were made into televisions shows and cartoons. She

Ekaette knows voices. She does voice-overs in over 36 different languages, plays tons of characters, and has created the Superpower Academy where she teaches voice-over actors how to voice over 101 Animated Character voices.

That’s not all! Ekaette knows all aspects of the voice. Ekaette is a film music composer, singer and has produced 6 EPs and albums. Her albums have been featured on films and tv shows.

She is a natural trainer and has spoken at hundreds of K-12 schools, Universities, and educational programs. She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria.


Groundlings trained comedic actress and voice-over artist. She is the winner of two film festival awards for voice-over and animation. She is the author of 5 books and a natural storyteller. She has been a series regular and lead actress in dozens of films, TV shows and animated projects.


How to say Ekaette!

Ekaette is Nigerian-American. Her first name is from the Ibibio language in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Ekaette is a very common regional Nigerian name. “It’s not about how perfect you say my name, it’s about trying! You can do it!” Check out the phonetic pronunciation below and then press play to hear the audio explanation. 

Phonetically: A – Kite🪁- Tay